The National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (“NCBC”) Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Program is administered for the purpose of outreach to the membership in assisting deserving, qualified individuals in their pursuit of continuing education.


a. The Scholarship/Tuition Assistance Committee (“Committee”) shall be comprised of a minimum of three people who will serve for a period of one year, and shall include:

(1) A chairperson and a minimum of two other people appointed by the NCBC President and approved by the NCBC Board of Directors (“Board”).

b. Duties of the Committee:

(1) The Committee shall administer the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance program according to the rules set forth herein.

(2) The Committee shall review all applications and award Scholarship/Tuition Assistance to deserving individuals who meet the qualifications, within the financial limitations of the program.

(3) The Committee shall report directly to the Board.


a. Unless otherwise approved by the Board, the maximum amount allocated for the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance program per calendar year shall be an amount up to $4,000.00.

b. Except as specified in Section g., there will be a maximum of $500.00 available per Scholarship/Tuition Assistance each year.

c. The amount awarded per individual Scholarship/Tuition Assistance may vary, as determined by the Committee. However, NCBC members may not receive both a scholarship for a course or training program and tuition assistance to an NCBC conference in any one calendar year.

d. It is not required that the course or training program for which the scholarship is granted be applied toward a degree. It must, however, be work or career-related so that the courts, as well as the individual recipient, benefit.

e. The applicant may apply for tuition assistance to attend the annual conference of the NCBC. The amount awarded shall not exceed the amount of the annual conference registration fee or other limit established by the Board.  The applicant must certify that the amount requested to cover the registration fee or any portion thereof is neither being paid or reimbursed by his/her court.

f. In awarding tuition assistance, the Committee may consider NCBC contributions, economic need, whether the applicant has attended an NCBC conference, and the applicant’s interest in continuing education.

g. Awardees of tuition assistance to attend the annual conference may be required to provide assistance to the host court during the conference for such duties as staffing the registration and other tables for a portion of the registration period, as directed by the host court’s conference committee.

h. Upon completion of the course or training program, the Scholarship/Tuition Assistance recipient must write an article for the NCBC Impact Newsletter describing the course content and the value of the educational program.  The deadline for submission of the article is three months after completion of the course or conference.  If the article is not submitted, then reimbursement of tuition will not be made.

i. Scholarship/Tuition Assistance funds will be provided on a reimbursement basis (after the course or conference has been completed), unless special circumstances exist. If the applicant was awarded conference registration, then the business manager will be contacted so the registration of the recipient can be marked accordingly within the conference financials.

j. The deadline for receipt of applications shall be advertised annually.

k. Approval of applications for tuition assistance to attend the NCBC conference shall be made by the Committee no later than 60 days prior to the annual conference.

l. The applicants will be notified by either an award letter or a denial letter via e-mail at least 45 days prior to the annual conference.

m. Once the recipients have been notified of their scholarship award, they have two weeks to accept or decline the scholarship.

n. The recipients have one year from the acceptance of the award to submit proof of completion and reimbursement form.  


In order to qualify, each applicant must:

a. Be a current member of NCBC in good standing for minimum of the last two (2) consecutive years.

b. Be a deputy clerk, employed by the U.S. Courts.

c. Complete and submit the application to the Committee by the deadline.

d. Not be a current member of the NCBC Board of Directors or an NCBC officer.  


a. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

b. Applicants not previously awarded a Scholarship/Tuition Assistance may be given priority consideration by the Committee.

c. Priority may also be given to members enrolled in the Michigan State University certificate or degree program.

Scholarship applications will open up after the first of the year.  Application deadlines will be communicated in the Impact newsletter.