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The NCBC offers several types of membership depending on your current job and responsibilities.  Please peruse the below membership categories and select the membership that best describes what you do for the Bankruptcy System.

If you have any questions, please contact our membership chair, Sabrina Palacio-Garcia at:

NOTE: Beginning in Calendar Year 2015, all memberships are valid for the calendar year that you renew.  All memberships will expire on December 31st and must be renewed in January to continue to be a member in good standing with voting rights (for those categories of membership that have voting rights).

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Membership Categories:

Please click on this link if you are a deputy clerk, working for a United States Court and want to become a lifetime member with no more dues payments...EVER! The one time cost is $150. This is a voting membership for life.
This membership is open to States Clerk's office employee, working for the Clerk of a Bankruptcy or District Court. This category is our largest voting membership category and only applies to federal employees who are currently working as a deputy clerk. The annual membership fee is $15
This membership is only open if you are either a Bankruptcy or District Clerk of Court for your district. The annual membership fee is $50. This is a voting membership.
This membership category is for retired from or resigned from federal service employees. The annual membership fee is $15. This is a voting membership.
This membership is selected if do not meet the criteria in any of the above categories. Basically, this membership category is open to anyone not employed by a federal, state or local court. Employees from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts or the Federal Judicial Center fall into this category. The annual membership fee is $15. This is a non-voting membership.