"ADI Wizard" - 
Joe Markley & Kathi Hindes

"AO Facilities & Security Office Update" - 
Melanie Gilbert, Anna Franz, Tom Garrity, Mark Hartz & Mike Culver

"Appropriations Law MSU" -

"Audit Basics MSU" -

"Courthouses: An Introduction to Space and Facilities Planning in the Federal Courts" - 
Anna Franz, Reema Gupta, Suzanne Allan & Karl Steward from the Space & Facilities Division for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts

"Collaboration Accountability Self Assessment Worksheet" -
Stephanie Hemmert

"Communication Tips Participant Worksheet" -
Stephanie Hemmert

"Communication Tips Visuals" - 
Stephanie Hemmert

"Court Security Awareness" - 
Thomas Garrity, Mark Hartz

"Deciding Cases: The Role of District & Bankruptcy Courts" -
 Mike Palus & Jason McDonald

"Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable" -
 Julie Owens

"Diversity - Celebrating the Difference" -
 Mike Palus & Jason McDonald

"DNA - of a Strengths Based Team Brochure" -
Beverly Griffeth-Bryant

"DNA - of a Strengths Based Team Conference" -
Beverly Griffeth-Bryant

"Duda Upgrade Site Plan" -
Julie Linkins

"EDWA Know Yourself & Seek Self-Improvement" -

"EDWA Leadership Seek Responsibility & Take Responsibility for Your Actions" -
Julie Linkins

"FCAA & NCBC 2016 Next Generation of CM/ECF" -

"FCAA NCBC Feedback Handouts" -

"Hunt the Good Stuff" -
Kelly Clark

"The Importance of Professional Development" -
Jo-Ann Williams

"Internal Controls MSU" -

"Judicial Financial Management & JIFMS" -
Russ Follin & Kelly Matthews

"Know Your Employees & Look Out for Their Best Interest" -
Renea Grogan

"Introduction to Space & Facilities MSU" -

"Leadership Behaviors & Positive Psychological Capital in the Workplace" -
Janet Medlock

"Risk Based Audits" -
Veleda Henderson

"Introduction to Audit" -
Veleda Henderson

"OPA Website Toolbox Presentation" -
Beth Grabo, James Davison & Kimberly Rubal

"Self Assessment Tool MSU" -

"So You Have a Project Creating Your Own Project Definition Document Updated" -
Richard Marshall

"So You Have a Project: Applying Lessons & Tools from Project Managment to Your Own Project" -
Richard Marshall

"Power Up Performance" -
Kelly Clark

"Seven Principles of Effective Writing Handout" -
Heather L. Aslett & Jared Vanderhoff

"Seven Principles of Effective Writing Presentation" -
Heather L. Aslett & Jared Vanderhoff

"Seven Principles of Effective Writing Practice Worksheet" -
Heather L. Aslett & Jared Vanderhoff

"Seven Principles of Effective Writing Syllabus" -
Heather L. Aslett & Jared Vanderhoff

"Managing Your Judiciary Travel Management Program" -
Stacy Slette & Chris Junjulas

"Hidden Gems of Technology: Resource & Reference Materials" -
Brenda Dowler & Rebecca Robson

"Hidden Gems of Technology" -
Brenda Dowler & Rebecca Robson

"Reflections on the Metamorphosis at Robben Island: The Role of Institutional Work and Positive
Psychological Capital" -


"Leadership Bootcamp: Set the Example, Train Your Employees as a Team" -
Sheri Wohl & Jaime White

"Understanding & Managing the Courts Budget MSU" -