The NCBC has been honoring individuals in the bankruptcy community, and more specifically, our members, for service and leadership recognition since its inception.  Nominations are solicited every year via our awards committee.   

Here are the award categories that we solicit from our membership each year:

Outstanding Service Awards

Represents service provided to NCBC and/or the courts that goes beyond a single task or assignment.  This award is usually presented for longer term efforts.

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is the next level up from the Outstanding Service Award.  It represents an achievement by an individual or group that resulted in savings or changes which benefitted the court system as a whole.

Special Service Award

Represents service performed that is more limited in nature; this award tends to recognize one time efforts or assignments on behalf of NCBC or the courts.

Administrative Excellence Award

An award for accomplishments that is more administrative in nature.

Outstanding Public Service Award

Represents service provided to the public that had a positive effect on a community by an individual or group.

Distinguished Service

An award to recognize retiring NCBC members and those individuals who are retiring who have had a long history with the NCBC and/or federal service that has had a positive impact on or made substantial contribution to the bankruptcy community.

Judge Ralph H. Kelley Outstanding Achievement Award (Acrylic trophy)

This prestigious award was established by a Resolution approved by the NCBC Board in 2004 in honor and memory of Judge Ralph H. Kelley, Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of Tennessee. Judge Kelley died on June 24, 2004. The Resolution states that the conference’s Outstanding Achievement Award shall be known as “The Judge Ralph H. Kelley Outstanding Achievement Award” and may be awarded annually to that member of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks, as voted upon by the Board of Governors, who best exemplifies outstanding achievement in the spirit and manner exemplified by Judge Ralph H. Kelley.  (Note:  The NCBC membership does not vote for this award.)