The NCBC Sponsorship Representative sends an introductory letter on NCBC stationary to the prospective advertiser.  If the company decides to advertise, the advertiser decides on the number of issues to advertise in and the NCBC Sponsorship Representative drafts a letter listing the advertising details and includes a signature line. The letter is forwarded to the advertiser for their signature. Once signed by the advertiser, the letter is a written contract. The advertiser may return the contract by facsimile.  The advertiser mails one check to the NCBC Business Manager for the full amount. The advertiser e-mails the advertisement to the Impact Editor.  NCBC Impact newsletters are published on-line, only. The NCBC Impact Editor informs the advertiser by email when the Impact is posted on-line.

Note to NCBC Members: This process is documented for informational purposes for prospective advertisers and not for NCBC members to solicit vendors they do business with as it could be a conflict of interest under procurement regulations.