The National Conference of Bankruptcy Clerks (NCBC) was created as a private association in 1980 to address the ongoing needs of the newly developed Bankruptcy Clerks throughout the United States.  Originally, the association was only for Clerk's of Bankruptcy Courts, but was changed to allow all deputy clerks and others interested in the welfare of the Bankruptcy System to participate.  Our associations main goal is to provide its members with training and development opportunities, be an advocate for the bankruptcy clerks and the bankruptcy system, and provide leadership and input on a national level.  Our President sits on the Bankruptcy Clerks Advisory Committee for the Administrative Office as an Ex officio member.

The NCBC puts on an annual conference with training offered from the AO and FJC, as well as prominent speakers in various fields of study to help our members develop their skills and provide network opportunities.  The three and half day conference is held in various cities throughout the United States.

The association is governed by a group of officers and board members who are elected by the membership.  The officers and board meet monthly via telephone conference and also generally hold a face to face meeting in January in preparation for the annual conference.  They also meet at the annual conference.