Judicial Administration Program

This program is the first of its kind. It allows students an opportunity to gain academic credentials through participating in MSU online courses or those offered by MSU partner-providers, including NCBC! The Judicial Administration Program is designed to allow students to "start where they are" and build upon their existing professional skills and credentials all the way to an academic degree.

Check out MSU@NCBC to find out more about this unique educational opportunity

Hotel Information

Overflow Hotel

W New York -  Times Square
1567 Broadway, New York, New York 10036
(212) 930-7400

Conference Hotel

New York Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway New York, New York 10036
(212) 398-1900

Other Information

Agenda at a Glance for quick access to schedule and room locations.
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A complete list of NCBC 2018 Breakout Sessions.
Online Digital Brochure lists all the important information about the conference. (PDF version also available)
Important Dates, Registration, Cancellation/Refund Policy, Per Diem Information and more found in FAQs
Check out the Speaker's Biographies at this year's conference.
Badges will be distributed during REGISTRATION and must be worn at all times during all events BOTH inside and outside the hotel.
The Climate in August is one of the warmer months, with relatively high temperatures and lots of sun.

City Tips

  • New Yorkers don't cross streets according to the crosswalk sign, so if you are going to do so, move your group to the side to let them pass.
  • Don't walk more than two abreast on the sidewalks.
  • When trying to figure out directions on your phone, MOVE OVER!
  • Be confident when hailing a taxi. Step out as far as possible and put you hand up very matter-of-factly like you know what you are doing. Only hail the ones that have their lights on (and not the "Off Duty" light). They turn off their lights when they have passengers. When you get in the taxi, tell them the cross streets of where you are going, not the exact address. They will let you out somewhere close. Never get in an unmarked car (usually dark sedan). They will overcharge you and are not licensed for cab fare. If they pull over, shake your head “no.” Be aware that taking a taxi may take you longer than taking the subway, because of traffic.
  • Eat street vendor food. But ask first about prices and check what you are being charged.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or add Dr. Scholl's gel pads.Take Band-Aids and Neosporin in you purse. Your feet are not accustomed to the amount of walking required in this city. Don't wear new shoes. Duane Reade is the local drugstore if you need items for hurting feet.
  • Tip 20% in restaurants and taxis. Tip $1 per bag at hotels.
  • Don't be afraid of the subway. Study the maps ahead of time, but don't expect to fully understand it. Use Google maps or a subway app to figure out which train to take. Remember there is no internet service once you descend. Ask a New Yorker if you are confused (they are the ones who don't look confused and reading a book or newspaper). Buy a Metro Card as soon as you enter the station. For groups, buy 1 card per 4 people, as you cannot swipe the same card more than 4 times per entry. When purchasing, the automated machine will instruct you to "dip" your card, which means swipe. Don't stand in front of the doors of an approaching train. Let people off first. There is time.