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ATTENTION MSU STUDENTS! Be sure to download the Preconference information.

General Preconference Information - PDF
Human Resource Management - PDF
Information Technology Management - PDF
NCBC Faculty Development Program - PDF

NOTE: The two offerings in cycle for MSU this year are HR with Terry Curry (all day pre-con Monday) and the IT sessions (Tuesday and Wednesday).  Those are the regular classes. So if you have not completed HR and IT - those are the classes that you should sign-up for this year.  They won't be in the cycle again for 5 years.  The NCBC Faculty Development class is an add-on that will be offered, for sure, this year and next.  Next year, it is in the cycle of regular MSU classes.  Since it meets Education and Training requirements - the comment about credit was attached to the class information.  


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We invite you to review the MSU@NCBC Denver brochure for complete information regarding this year’s schedule. Information about the MSU Judicial Administration Program can be found at their website or in the Judicial Administration Program Brochure.  NCBC and MSU have completed twelve years of offering the Judicial Administration Program classes at our annual conferences.

New Students

The Denver Conference is an ideal place to begin or expand upon your professional development. The five-year cycle of classes can be accomplished either at NCBC Conferences, on-line through MSU and, for some of the requirements, at AO or FJC certified programs. You do not need to be enrolled with MSU to get started in Denver, so show up for the classes and take control of your future.  Dr. Maureen Conner, Program Director, will offer a brief orientation of the program starting at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, July 17. 

Additionally, for students who are interested, Dr. Conner will be available for individual appointments during the conference to discuss their noncredit certificate, capstone projects, or the Master of Science in Judicial Administration Degree.  Interested individuals can email her at connerm@msu.edu to schedule an appointment during the conference.

Michigan State will also be participating in the Information Sharing Session on Tuesday afternoon.

New and Continuing Students

The pre-conference information sheet along with attendance, evaluation, and payment forms will be available soon to download here.

MSU on Monday

First up, on the pre-conference day (Monday), is “Human Resources Management” being presented by Terry Curry Vice Provost at Michigan State University and long-time consultant to state and federal courts particularly on human resource issues.  The class begins at 8:30 a.m. following the brief orientation.  This is a 7 hour required class.

MSU on Tuesday

“Information Technology Management” is a six hour course completed by participating in 3 breakout sessions, information sharing and a 30 minute wrap-up.

First up is “Fundamentals of Information Technology Management or What Everyone Needs to Know About How It Works!”.  We will explore how technology can be used to improve service to the public and how to leverage various technologies (from smart phones to iPads to video conferencing) to achieve the court's mission and goals.  And, finally, how the Judiciary governs and secures its information technology infrastructure (ie Cyber Security).  This class is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 pm.

In preparation for Wednesday morning’s breakout session, participants will be asked to complete an exercise at the Information Sharing Session Tuesday from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (the exercise will take about one hour to complete).  

MSU on Wednesday

On Wednesday morning at 10:30 am, we will debrief the exercise to the stage for “Planning, Developing and Implementing IT Applications and Projects”.  Barry Lander, April Wiggs and Lou Gill will provide a foundation to understand application development in the courts (the new world of Agile Software Development will be examined) and how training and support helps insure successful implementation of new technologies and applications. 

Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 pm, students join the FJC’s Esther DeVries for “Managing the IT Professional”, a chance to explore the unique challenges of managing IT professionals as well as overseeing the information technology program at a court.

Finally, at 4:30 pm, Wednesday afternoon, you join Barry Lander for a “Wrap-up Session” which brings together the diverse set of topics that were covered in the previous 5.5 hours to close out this year’s MSU classes. 

Fortunately, the 13 required hours this year are captured while still leaving 2 “free periods” (plus peer-to-peer) for MSU students to attend other classes.

If you miss the pre-conference class, on-line alternatives to all missed classes are offered through Michigan State. See the MSU@NCBC Denver brochure

A description of the Judicial Administration Program and the various options for non-credit and credit bearing classes can be found in the Judicial Administration Program Brochure and at http://cj.msu.edu/programs/judicial-administration-program/.

The Michigan State University non-credit bearing certificate does require fees to be paid. The nonrefundable application fee is $20.00. The per contact hour fee is $12.00 ($720.00 for 60 contact hours) and the capstone experience project fee is $60.00. The total program cost is $800.00

Once again, the MSU@NCBC Denver brochure includes a complete description of the classes being offered this year and information on alternative class offerings so students can better track their progress toward completion.