Information Sharing Topics

Join us on Tuesday, July 18th from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Colorado Ballroom G-J to learn about some pretty exciting programs, applications, and resources.  

ADI (Automated Docketing Interface) (North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy)

Is your court taking full advantage of ADI and its many benefits:  robotic docketing, built‐in quality control, zero error rate, automated tracking of cases that are candidates for ADI docketing?  ADI applications can be designed and tailored for your event and to your specifications.   We are always looking for new ways to apply ADI.  If you have a suggestion for how ADI might benefit your court, stop by the booth during Info Share.  Together, we can take your vision from conceptual to conceivable and with a little bit of effort to attainable!

Annual SARD Reconciliation (North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy)

Is your court receiving statistical credit from the Judiciary Data and Analysis (JDAO) for all bankruptcy and adversary proceedings cases that were filed at your district? Each year, the AO calculates the number of cases that were filed in each district for budget and staffing allocation purposes. Prior to the AO starting its calculations, it is vital for each district to reconcile their newly filed cases in CM/ECF against the information contained in the JDAO database for your court. This reconciliation process can easily be accomplished by using a simple script that was developed by Joe Markley, Director of Information Technology, at the North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy Court. Ensure your court receives statistical credit for all cases that were filed in your district.

Best Practices Working Group - Operations and Technology

Stop by to learn about our group's mission and efforts to promote the recommendations.  We will answer any questions about the group and solicit ideas for future recommendations.

CHAPWeb/CHAP (Utah Bankruptcy)

Tools for courtroom flow and support before, during, and after court:

•    Mobile and Remote Capable
•    Case and Document Tracking System with Notes
•    Calendar with powerful tools
•    Robust Notes and Tools
•    Attachments
•    Hearing review & tracking packets
•    Complete access to real‐time CM/ECF case data
•    Flexible scheduling with self‐calendaring

CR/ECF Cash Register (California Southern Bankruptcy) 

The Cash Register/ECF program (CR/ECF) is a software application that automates the Bankruptcy Court's cashier/Intake deputy receipt‐writing duties.  CR/ECF feeds transactions into VAEB's JFINSYS application.  Additionally, CR/ECF retrieves case information from ECF as well as removes case flags and sets the satisfy and/or terminate deadlines. 

CourtSpeak : Courtroom Recordings on PACER (North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy)

North Carolina Eastern Bankruptcy's digital audio program, CourtSpeak, is the AO‐approved software program for automatically docketing courtroom audio recordings to PACER. CourtSpeak software is the optimum solution for courts because it allows batch processing and upload of all the days audio files. It is compatible with FTR, VoiceIQ, DCR‐Liberty, and CourtSmart. Approval by at least one judge in your current district is required before implementing the CourtSpeak program and additional information may be found at http://cs.nceb.circ4.dcn. 

Data Visualization ‐ Using Website Dashboards to Display Statistics (Maryland Bankruptcy)

Most of us are very visual people.  As it has often been said, "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

Website dashboards create exactly that kind of a picture‐‐and in this instance, the Maryland Bankruptcy Court has created a dashboard that allows the public to easily visualize its Bankruptcy Case Statistics.

It would take 72 reports to encompass all of the permutations of data that this one screen can deliver in moments.  And the best part‐‐updated data is delivered each and every night with not a minute of staff time required.  To do this, Google Chart technology has been leveraged to create a dynamic view of the Court's statistical data.

ePOC ‐ Streamlining all things Claims for Bankruptcy (North Carolina Middle Bankruptcy)

If you are a bankruptcy court, claims should be totally a zero effort work load for your staff. If you are not taking advantage of ePOC, come visit to find out how it can greatly benefit your court. 

FJC Education Programs, Resources, and FJC.dcn

The FJC exhibit will focus on two key areas:

  • FJC.dcn.  Creating subscriptions, new releases, and forums
  • FJC Education Division programs and resources. Learn more about the FJC education competencies, programs, and resources.  FJC staff will be on hand to answer questions.

Judiciary Financial Systems (JFinSys) (Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy)

The Judiciary Financial System (JFinSys) is the successor to the Financial System (FinSys)--both of which were developed and are maintained and supported by the Virginia Eastern Bankruptcy Court (VA-EB) through its JFinSys Development and Deployment Team. JFinSys, which is a financial system addressing accounting requirements for bankruptcy courts, processes and maintains funds that are received via cash register applications, CM/ECF (Current and NextGen), and JFinSys is used by bankruptcy courts to record, track, and manage transactions associated with bankruptcy cases.  Funds are disbursed in accordance with Judiciary policy. VA-EB and the AO are incorporating JFinSys into the Judiciary Integrated Financial System as the Bankruptcy Court Debt Management Module.

Judicial Voice Recorder (JVR) (Utah Bankruptcy)

  • Digital Leverages existing case data - CM/ECF, Calendaring programs and modular data
  • Currently in final development 
  • Scalable and modular design    
  • Support the needs of all court unit types (Appellate, District and Bankruptcy)
  • Reduces costs - Eliminates costs for procuring, supporting 3rd party software
  • Non-proprietary open source audio
  • Improves accuracy - JVR provides automated speaker/microphone tracking and creates an accurate timeline of speakers

Now Hearing Calendar (Pennsylvania Western Bankruptcy)

PAWB has developed an application that extracts CHAP calendar information to an XML file that drives a calendar display on a large screen mounted outside the courtroom and a mobile device calendar. A separate touch screen kiosk is provided for searching by the public. The judge or a staff member updates a program to indicate which case is currently active so that information can be displayed on the calendars.

NCBC Impact Newsletter

The Editorial Committee of the NCBC Impact Newsletter would like to meet and mingle with its readers! Swing by and share your ideas, provide feedback, find ways to get involved with the NCBC and the Impact, or just say hello! 

NCBC Mentorship Program

NCBC Mentorship Program is a great resource.  Learn how to apply for the program and you'll be matched up with someone who can help you navigate your way through learning more about the Judiciary and the skillset required to be a successful employee.

NCBC Scholarship Program

Come learn more about one of the advantages of your NCBC membership.  Scholarship opportunities are available each year to assist with the cost of conference registration or tuition assistance.  Learn how to apply for a scholarship.  Put the NCBC scholarship program to work for you.

Next Generation of CM/ECF

Come learn about the new features and functionality in the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen)!  Staff from the AO's Court Services Office and Judicial Services Office will be available to answer questions about the software and implementation.

Michigan State University

Leveraging Your Career: The Value of Advanced Education

SimpleSync (Minnesota Bankruptcy)

GovDelivery is a web-based email subscription service that enables anyone to subscribe to a variety of court emails. Even though GovDelivery has become more popular in the judiciary, synchronizing email addresses between CM/ECF and GovDelivery remains very complicated and time consuming and has become the major hindrance for non-GovDelivery courts to adopt this solution. The SimpleSync web application provides an easy way for local courts to complete this convoluted process with just a few clicks.

Talent Tuesday (Illinois Northern Bankruptcy)

Northern District of Illinois presents a monthly WebEx called Talent Tuesday.  Join us as we discover, learn and develop our Clifton Strengths, one theme at a time.  Stop by our table to get the schedule of upcoming Talent Tuesdays and learn what it’s all about.